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5 Stars
Dog Playing With White Lion Cub
Tags: animals, australia, cub, cute, darling downs zoo, dog, friends, lion, playing, white
5 Stars
Surprise White Man Dance
Tags: black, california conservation corps, dance, dancing, john griffith, surprise, white, funny
5 Stars
Rappin For Jesus
Tags: horrible, jesus, music, rap, religion, white, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Whites Only Laundry - The Bilderbergers
Tags: black, commercial, laundromat, laundry, racist, spoof, the bilderbergers, white, funny
5 Stars
Samuel L. Jackson Demands Interviewer To Say N Word
Tags: awkward, black, django unchained, interview, movie, samuel l. jackson, white, funny
5 Stars
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson - Connally Comedy
Tags: black, connally comedy, daughter, parents, white, wtf, funny
5 Stars
How We Do - White People
Tags: 50 cent, dancing, music, rap, remix, the game, white, funny
5 Stars
Chris Rock's Message for White Voters
Tags: barack obama, black, chris rock, election, jimmy kimmel live, mitt romney, president, voting, white, funny
5 Stars
Rack City - Cover By Jackson Foote, Eden Neville, Alex Koste
Tags: alex koste, cover, eden neville, jackson foote, music, rap, singing, tyga, white, funny
5 Stars
Drop It Like It's Hot - White People Cover
Tags: alex koste, andrew lecoche, cover, eden neville, jackson foote, music, rap, singing, snoop dogg, white, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Black & White In Color
Tags: black, color, cool, eran amir, white
5 Stars
I So Pale News Blooper
Tags: blooper, embarrassing, live tv, news, pale, white, funny
5 Stars
White Guys Listening To Indian Music
Tags: daler mehndi, dancing, india, indian, music, punjabi, white, wtf, funny
5 Stars
White Boy Problems
Tags: bad weather films, problems, satire, white
5 Stars
Michael Jordan - ESPN
Tags: commercial, espn, michael jordan, names, sports, white, funny
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