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5 Stars
Cat Walking Dog Home With Leash
Tags: animals, cat, cute, dog, leash, pets, walking, funny
5 Stars
Girl Can't Walk In High Heels In Public
Tags: embarrassing, fail, high heels, public, shoes, walking, funny
5 Stars
How To Dance On The Beach - RossCreations
Tags: beach, dance, dancing, rosscreations, silly, walking, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Baby Falls On Fresh Dog Turds While Taking First Steps
Tags: animals, baby, dog, gross, kids, pets, walking, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Walking With Strangers Prank - LAHWF
Tags: andrew hales, awkward, candid camera, lahwf, prank, strangers, walking, funny
5 Stars
People Slipping And Falling On Frozen Sidewalk Over And Over
Tags: embarrassing, frozen, ice, idiots, norwich, people, sidewalk, slippery, united kingdom, walking, funny
5 Stars
Circling Strangers Prank - Pranksist
Tags: awkward, candid camera, circle, prank, pranksist, public, strangers, walking, weird, funny
5 Stars
Poodle Running Upright
Tags: animals, cute, pets, poodle, running, upright, walking, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Creepy 6 Leg Robot Terrain Walking
Tags: cool, creepy, legs, phantomx, robot, technology, walking, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Robot Swagger
Tags: boston dynamics, creepy, darpa, petman, robot, swag, swagger, technology, walking, funny
5 Stars
How To Walk Your Human
Tags: animals, cats, cute, how to, human, pets, walk, walking, funny
5 Stars
Pedestrian Doesn't Even Flinch To Skidding Car
Tags: close call, pedestrian, skidding, walking, wtf
5 Stars
Crossing The Street Like A Boss
Tags: dash cam, like a boss, pedestrian, russia, street, walking, funny
5 Stars
Woman Walking & Talking On Cell Phone Walks Into Car
Tags: cell phone, dash cam, embarrassing, talking, walking, woman, funny
5 Stars
Treadmill Bike
Tags: bike, exercise, jogging, running, treadmill, walking, wtf, funny
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