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5 Stars
Dave Chappelle: Native Americans - For What It's Worth
Tags: comedy, dave chappelle, indian, native americans, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
Dave Chappelle: Public Transportation - For What It's Worth
Tags: bus, comedian, comedy, dave chappelle, hostages, public transportation, stand-up, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Dave Chappelle: Michael Jackson and Botox Balls - For What It's Worth
Tags: balls, botox, comedian, comedy, dave chappelle, michael jackson, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
King Size Bed - Mitch Hedberg
Tags: bed, comedian, joke, king, mitch hedburg, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
Donut - Mitch Hedburg
Tags: comedian, donut, doughnut, mitch hedburg, receipt, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
Growing Up Black - 5 Year Old Comedian
Tags: black, comedian, comedy, kids, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
Evolution - Louis C.K.
Tags: comedian, comedy, evolution, louis ck, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
George Carlin: People Suck
Tags: comedian, comedy, george carlin, people, stand-up
5 Stars
Dave Chappelle: White Friend Chip - Killing Them Softly
Tags: black, comedian, comedy, cops, dave chappelle, friend, friends, high, police, stand-up, white, funny
5 Stars
Eddie Murphy: Raw - Italians
Tags: 1980s, 80s, comedian, comedy, eddie murphy, italians, raw, rocky, stand-up
5 Stars
Dave Chappelle - Killing Them Softly
Tags: comedian, comedy, dave chappelle, stand-up, funny
5 Stars
George Carlin: Fat People
Tags: comedian, comedy, fat, george carlin, stand-up
5 Stars
Eddie Murphy: Bill Cosby & Richard Pryor
Tags: 1980s, 80s, bill cosby, comedian, comedy, eddie murphy, impersonation, richard pryor, stand-up
5 Stars
Def Comedy Jam - Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence
Tags: bernie mac, chris tucker, comedian, def comedy jam, martin lawrence, stand-up
5 Stars
George Carlin: Flamethrowers
Tags: comedian, comedy, flamethrower, george carlin, stand-up
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