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5 Stars
All The Cross Country Skiers Falling
Tags: crash, cross country, fail, falling, skiing, snow, wtf, funny
5 Stars
SUV Loses Control While Passing On Snowy Highway And Rams Car Off The Road
Tags: accident, crash, dash cam, driving, highway, out of control, passing, snow, suv
5 Stars
Mini Cooper Back Flip
Tags: back flip, cool, flip, guerlain chicherit, mini, ramp, snow, stunt
5 Stars
Break & Milk! - Vic Dibitetto
Tags: blizzard, bread, freak out, milk, snow, vic dibitetto, weather, funny
5 Stars
Blizzard Snow Accumulation Time Lapse - Connecticut 2013
Tags: 2013, blizzard, cool, nature, snow, time lapse, weather
5 Stars
Car Spins Out While Harassing Pedestrian With Horn
Tags: accident, crash, dash cam, driving, fail, horn, idiot, out of control, pedestrian, snow, spin out, funny
5 Stars
11 Year Old's First Ski Jump Fail
Tags: fail, jump, kid, painful, skiing, snow, funny
5 Stars
Coolest Way For Snow To Fall Off A Building
Tags: avalanche, building, china, cool, snow, winter, wtf
5 Stars
Guy Drives In Reverse After Spinning Out On Snowy Road
Tags: accident, dash cam, reverse, snow, spin out, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Big Air Ski Jump - Hair Jump @ Mammoth Mountain California
Tags: air, california, cool, jump, mammoth mountain, skiing, snow, winter
5 Stars
People Vs Winter Compilation
Tags: compilation, humans, ice, people, snow, weather, winter, funny
5 Stars
Head On Collision On Snowy Road
Tags: accident, crash, dash cam, driving, head on crash, road, snow
5 Stars
Cat Meets Snow For The First Time
Tags: animals, cat, cute, pets, playing, snow
5 Stars
Trombone Skiing
Tags: music, skiing, snow, tahoe, trombone, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Dumping Snow On Strangers Prank - Sketch Empire
Tags: candid camera, cold, dennis roady, prank, public, roman atwood, sketch empire, snow, strangers, winter, funny
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