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5 Stars
Mary Poppins Umbrella Skydive - Erik Roner
Tags: cool, erik roner, mary poppins, skydive, skydiving, umbrella
5 Stars
88 Women Formation Skydiving
Tags: cool, crazy, pearls of russia, russia, skydiving, women, world record
5 Stars
Wingsuit Racing
Tags: cool, devin graham, flying, hawaii, oahu, racing, skydiving, wingsuit
5 Stars
80 Year Old Woman Slips Out Of Tandem Harness While Skydiving
Tags: accident, close call, crazy, grandma, lucky, old woman, scary, skydiving, tandem, wtf
5 Stars
Guy Jumps From Helicopter 2400 Feet Up Without Parachute
Tags: crazy, gary connery, helicopter, skydiving, wingsuit, wtf
5 Stars
Skydiving In A Kayak
Tags: cool, florida, fun, kayak, miles daisher, sebastian, skyaking, skydiving
5 Stars
Skydiver Survives Mid-Air Collision And Impact With Ground
Tags: accident, painful, paralyzed, quadriplegic, skydiver, skydiving
5 Stars
Extreme Nyan Cat
Tags: cat, meme, nyan, rainbow, skydiving, viral
5 Stars
Skydiver Almost Deploys Too Late
Tags: close call, mountain, skydiver, skydiving, swiss alps, switzerland
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