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5 Stars
Authorities On Alert As Hundreds Of Crazed Sociopaths Enter Congressional Chambers
Tags: congress, politics, satire, the onion, usa, funny
5 Stars
Company Immediately Calls Job Applicant Upon Seeing B.A. In Communications On Resume
Tags: college, communication, education, job, resume, satire, school, the onion, funny
5 Stars
Suspicious New Wendy's Deal Offering Five Hamburgers For Free, No Questions Asked
Tags: fast food, food, free, hamburger, satire, suspicious, the onion, wendys, funny
5 Stars
Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out Of Jail For Third Time This Year
Tags: arrested, barack obama, jail, joe biden, pardon, president, satire, the onion, vice president, funny
5 Stars
Man Panics After Accidently Liking 381 Of His Ex-Girlfriend's Facebook Pics
Tags: facebook, girlfriend, photos, pictures, satire, social networks, the onion, funny
5 Stars
Unpretentiousil, For Hipsters
Tags: hipster, hipsters, medication, satire, spoof, funny
5 Stars
Mother Who Forgot To Pay 29-Year-Old Son's Phone Bill Reminded To Be Careful About That
Tags: bill, kids, mom, money, mother, parenting, satire, son, the onion, funny
5 Stars
How Facebook Comes Up With Its Terrible Ideas - UCB Comedy
Tags: facebook, satire, social media, ucb comedy, funny
5 Stars
Scientists Debut Smug Robot That Can Run Half-Marathon And Brag About It
Tags: robot, running, satire, technology, the onion, funny
5 Stars
Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earth's Geography
Tags: apple, earth, google, gps, iphone, map, satire, technology, the onion, funny
5 Stars
Man - By Steve Cutts
Tags: cartoon, earth, environment, humans, man, nature, people, satire, steve cutts
5 Stars
Lost In Textlation
Tags: cell phone, girls, guys, life according to jimmy, men, relationships, satire, texting, women, funny
5 Stars
Quit Whining And Put On A Damn Coat
Tags: cold, satire, the onion, woman, women, wtf, funny
5 Stars
In The Club Tonight - The Axis of Awesome
Tags: club, music, parody, pop, satire, spoof, the axis of awesome
5 Stars
Election Rock Voting Song - ADHD
Tags: adhd, cartoon, election, politics, president, satire, song, uncle sam, voting, weird, wtf, funny
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