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5 Stars
Snail - Sail By Awolnation Parody
Tags: awolnation, music, parody, silly, snail, song, stupid, the pet collective, funny
5 Stars
Favorite Memes - Humordy
Tags: humordy, internet, journey, meme, memes, music, parody, song, funny
5 Stars
Loudmouth Leo Dub - Jaboody Dubs
Tags: commercial, dub, jaboody dubs, loudmouth leo, parody, remix, toy, funny
5 Stars
Rewind YouTube Style 2012
Tags: 2012, gangnam style, music, music video, parody, psy, viral, youtube
5 Stars
This Is How We Jew It
Tags: abraham shlomowitz, jew, jewish, montell jordan, music, music video, parody, funny
5 Stars
Farmer Gangnam Style
Tags: farmer, farming, gangnam style, music, music video, parody, psy, the peterson farm bros
5 Stars
Spartan High School Style - Horrible Gangnam Style Parody
Tags: embarrassing, gangnam style, high school, horrible, music video, parody, psy, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Life As A Goomba
Tags: cartoon, filipe costa, goomba, mario bros, nintendo, parody, video games
5 Stars
Cereal Killers Movie Trailer
Tags: awesomeness tv, breakfast, cap'n crunch, cereal, lucky charms, movie, movie trailer, parody, quaker oats, spoof, tricks, funny
5 Stars
Holiday Parody Medley - Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones
Tags: holidays, jimmy fallon, late night with jimmy fallon, medley, music, parody, rashida jones
5 Stars
In The Club Tonight - The Axis of Awesome
Tags: club, music, parody, pop, satire, spoof, the axis of awesome
5 Stars
Breaking Bad Thanksgiving Cooking
Tags: barely political, breaking bad, cooking, parody, spoof, thanksgiving, funny
5 Stars
Iron Baby
Tags: baby, cute, iron man, kids, parody, patrick boivin, vfx, funny
5 Stars
Two Guys Couple Watching - Life According To Jimmy
Tags: boys, couples, girls, life according to jimmy, men, parody, women, funny
5 Stars
Abe Lincoln: Beardface
Tags: abe lincoln, lincoln, parody, scarface, spoof, start, tony montana, funny
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