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5 Stars
Big Octopus Escapes Boat Through Tiny Hole
Tags: animals, boat, cool, hole, nature, octopus, weird, wtf
5 Stars
What If The Sun Disappeared? - Vsauce
Tags: earth, interesting, life, nature, space, sun, vsauce
5 Stars
Huge Great White Shark Circles Boat 2
Tags: animals, boat, cool, crazy, great white shark, nature, ocean, shark
5 Stars
True Facts About The Star Nosed Mole - Zefrank
Tags: animals, facts, nature, star nosed mole, weird, zefrank, funny
5 Stars
White Orchid Mantis Catches Cricket Seconds Before It Catches Mantis
Tags: animals, cool, cricket, insects, mantis, nature, predator, prey, white orchid mantis
5 Stars
True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat - Zefrank
Tags: animals, facts, naked mole rat, nature, weird, zefrank, funny
5 Stars
Wind Blows Over Semi Truck
Tags: accident, big rig, crash, dash cam, driving, highway, nature, semi, weather, wind, wyoming
5 Stars
Fish Catches Baby Duck In Front Of Mother Duck
Tags: animals, bird, duckling, ducks, fish, nature, wtf
5 Stars
True Facts About The Dung Beetle - Zefrank
Tags: animals, dung beetle, facts, insect, nature, zefrank, funny
5 Stars
Raining Spiders In Brazil
Tags: animals, brazil, crazy, creepy, nature, paraná, santo antônio da platina, spiders, wtf
5 Stars
Sea Lion Chasing Penguins
Tags: animals, chasing, falkland islands, nature, penguins, sea lion
5 Stars
True Facts About The Fruit Bat - Zefrank
Tags: animals, bat, facts, fruit bat, nature, zefrank, funny
5 Stars
Meteorite Over Russia - Science @ NASA
Tags: earth, interesting, meteorite, nasa, nature, russia, science, space
5 Stars
Wolf Eel - Deadly 60
Tags: animals, cool, creepy, deadly 60, nature, weird, wolf eel
5 Stars
True Facts About The Chameleon - Zefrank
Tags: animals, chameleon, facts, nature, zefrank, funny
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