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5 Stars
Kid Makes Backwards 3 Point Shot At The Buzzer
Tags: backwards, basketball, buzzer, fat, lucky, sports, funny
5 Stars
Cat Has Crazy Close Calls With Cars After Running Into Road
Tags: animals, cat, close call, crazy, lucky, wtf
5 Stars
Guy Walking Across Street Has Crazy Close Call With Car
Tags: close call, dash cam, lucky, pedestrian
5 Stars
80 Year Old Woman Slips Out Of Tandem Harness While Skydiving
Tags: accident, close call, crazy, grandma, lucky, old woman, scary, skydiving, tandem, wtf
5 Stars
Woman Crossing Street Has Crazy Close Call With Ambulance
Tags: accident, close call, crazy, lucky, pedestrian, woman
5 Stars
Close Call With Jackknifing Truck
Tags: accident, close call, jackknife, lucky, truck
5 Stars
Car Spins Out On Highway Avoiding Head On Crash Then Has Close Call With Big Rig
Tags: accident, close call, highway, lucky, out of control, snow, spin out
5 Stars
Golfer Skips Ball Across Pond And Into Hole
Tags: cool, golf, hole, lucky, martin kaymer, masters, pond, practice, skills, sports
5 Stars
College Basketball Player Makes Full Court Shot On The Buzzer For The Win
Tags: basketball, buzzer, chase spreen, college, cool, georgetown, lindsey wilson, lucky, sports, win
5 Stars
Lucky Little Brother Cash Catch
Tags: brother, cash, catch, kids, lucky, money
5 Stars
59 Year Old Woman Makes Amazing Hole In One Hockey Shot
Tags: brenda hewlett, goal, hockey, lucky, massena, new york, woman
5 Stars
Very Close Call With Sliding Big Rig
Tags: big rig, close call, ice, lucky, out of control, russia, semi, skidding, sliding, snow
5 Stars
Police Officer Ejected From Vehicle During Crash Able To Walk Away
Tags: accident, close call, cops, crash, ejected, lucky, police
5 Stars
Lucky Paper Airplane Flight Off Building
Tags: building, cool, lucky, paper airplane
5 Stars
3 Year Old Bean Bag Toss Prodigy
Tags: bean bag, cornhole, game, kids, lucky, toss
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