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5 Stars
What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts
Tags: alan watts, happiness, jobs, life, money, people, work
5 Stars
High Unemployment Linked To Increasing Number Of Face Tattoos
Tags: face, jobs, satire, tattoo, the onion, unemployed, unemployment, work, funny
5 Stars
Miners Trapped In Life-Threatening Mining Jobs
Tags: jobs, miners, mining, satire, the onion, work
5 Stars
Mike Rowe Speaks About Skilled Labor In American Society
Tags: dirty jobs, economy, jobs, labor, mike rowe, skilled labor, skills, society, unemployment, usa, work
5 Stars
Should The Nation's Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers?
Tags: apple, computers, jobs, mac, satire, the onion, unemployed
5 Stars
MadTV: Job Interview
Tags: affirmative action, black, interview, job, jobs, madtv
5 Stars
MadTV: Coach Hines - Career Day
Tags: careers, coach hines, high school, jobs, madtv, funny
5 Stars
Family Guy: Working Two Jobs
Tags: family guy, jobs, stewie, tuba, work
5 Stars
Obama To Hold Job Performance Review With Every Citizen
Tags: barack obama, citizens, job, jobs, parody, review, satire, the onion, work
5 Stars
More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas
Tags: american, jobs, outsourcing, parody, satire, the onion, usa, workers
5 Stars
Joe Biden 3 letter word
Tags: barack obama, gaffe, job, jobs, joe biden, vice president
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