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5 Stars
Guy Freaks Out Over Huge Moth In The House
Tags: bug, cool, creepy, freak out, insect, moth, scared, weird, funny
5 Stars
Break & Milk! - Vic Dibitetto
Tags: blizzard, bread, freak out, milk, snow, vic dibitetto, weather, funny
5 Stars
Nintendo 64 Christmas Freak Out Animated
Tags: animated, cartoon, christmas, freak out, nintendo, funny
5 Stars
Guy Faints On Slingshot Ride While Girl Freaks Out
Tags: faint, freak out, ride, slingshot, funny
5 Stars
Dog Freaks Out After Tasting Lemon
Tags: animals, cute, dog, freak out, lemon, pets, sour, funny
5 Stars
Billie Joe Of Green Day Rages On Stage
Tags: billie joe, concert, freak out, green day, i heart radio, music, rage
5 Stars
Girl Rages On X Factor UK After Audition Rejection
Tags: audition, embarrassing, fail, freak out, ping, rage, rejected, rejection, singing, the x factor, uk, zoe alexander, funny
5 Stars
Excited Train Guy
Tags: excited, freak out, locomotive, new york, north creek, train, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Victim Of Russian Hitman Prank Isn't Happy - VitalyzdTv
Tags: bomb, candid camera, crazy, freak out, hitman, idiot, prank, russian, vitaly zdorovetskiy, vitalyzdtv, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Beagle Freaks Out When Woman Returns Home From Military Deployment
Tags: animals, beagle, cute, deployment, dog, freak out, military, pets, war, funny
5 Stars
Stupid Teacher Blows Up On Students For Talking About Obama
Tags: barack obama, freak out, high school, idiot, mitt romney, north carolina, north rowan high school, president, spencer, student, stupid, tanya dixon-neely, teacher, wtf
5 Stars
Crazy Cop Freaks Out On Two Guys In Front Of Walmart
Tags: cops, crazy, freak out, houston, police, taser, texas, walmart, wtf
5 Stars
Dog Hates The Toilet
Tags: animals, barking, dog, flush, freak out, pets, toilet, yorkie, funny
5 Stars
Guy Freaks Out As Ravens Lose AFC Championship Game
Tags: afc, baltimore, championship, football, freak out, nfl, rage, ravens, sports, funny
5 Stars
Dad's Motorboat Noise Freaks Out Baby
Tags: baby, cute, dad, eyes, freak out, kids, motorboat, noise, funny
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