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5 Stars
Wingsuit Flying Over Rio de Janeiro - Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer
Tags: brazil, cool, crazy, flying, jokke sommer, ludovic woerth, rio de janeiro, wingsuit
5 Stars
Immediate RC Plane Fail
Tags: accident, crash, fail, fence, flying, gate, plane, remote controlled, funny
5 Stars
C5 Galaxy Takes Off On Flooded Runway
Tags: c5 galaxy, cool, flooded, flying, plane, runway
5 Stars
Plane Passenger Records Emergency Crash Landing
Tags: accident, close call, crash, crazy, emergency, flying, landing, passenger, plane, scary, utah
5 Stars
Crazy Short Plane Landing And Take Off
Tags: alaska, cool, crazy, flying, landing, plane, short, stol, take off, wtf
5 Stars
This Dash Cam Will Confuse You
Tags: confusing, cool, crazy, dash cam, driving, flying, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Remote Controlled Life Sized Flying Superman
Tags: cool, flying, remote controlled, superman, funny
5 Stars
5 Hours of Plane Landings In 25 Seconds
Tags: airport, cool, flying, landing, plane, san diego, weird
5 Stars
Remote Controlled Flight Over London - Team BlackSheep
Tags: cool, flying, london, remote controlled, team blacksheep
5 Stars
Guys Flying In Helicopter Rescue RC Airplane Stuck In Tree
Tags: airplane, cool, flying, helicopter, remote controlled, rich ogy, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Dirt Bike Rider Flies Over Forest
Tags: antti pendikainen, cool, crazy, dirt bike, flying, forest, motorcycle, stunt, stuntfreaksteam
5 Stars
How Bird Wings Work - Smarter Every Day
Tags: animals, bird, birds, cool, flying, smarter every day, wings
5 Stars
Paramotor Sky Racers - Parabatix
Tags: cool, devin graham, devinsupertramp, flying, parabatix, paramotor
5 Stars
Flight Emergency Marriage Proposal
Tags: emergency, flying, love, marriage, prank, proposal, relationships
5 Stars
Remote Controlled Flight Over Bangkok - Team BlackSheep
Tags: bangkok, buildings, city, cool, flying, remote controlled, skyscrapers, team blacksheep, thailand
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