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face plant Videos in Viral Video Archive

5 Stars
Woman Face Plants On Table During Brain Freeze Contest
Tags: brain freeze, contest, face plant, woman, wtf, funny
5 Stars
What The Baby Does When You Think It's Napping
Tags: baby, cute, face plant, kids, nap, sleeping, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Bicyclist Face Plants Off Curb
Tags: bicyclist, bike, dash cam, embarrassing, face plant, fail, funny
5 Stars
Bike Cop Face Plants Trying To Hop Curb
Tags: bike, cops, curb, embarrassing, face plant, fail, painful, police, funny
5 Stars
Female Downhill Bike Racer Face Plants Over Ramp
Tags: bike, downhill, embarrassing, face plant, fail, female, girl, painful, race, ramp, funny
5 Stars
Girl Face Plants On Treadmill
Tags: face plant, fail, girl, painful, running, treadmill, funny
5 Stars
Drunk Parasailing Take Off Fail
Tags: drunk, face plant, fail, painful, parasailing, take off, funny
5 Stars
Volleyball Girl Crotch Face Plant
Tags: awkward, crotch, face plant, girl, vollyeball, funny
5 Stars
Baseball Mascot Crashes ATV
Tags: atv, baseball, crash, embarrassing, face plant, fail, mascot, norfolk, quad, rip tide, sports, tides, funny
5 Stars
Motorcycle Rider Face Plants Hard To Avoid Guy Running Across Street
Tags: accident, crash, face plant, frogger, motorcycle, painful, pedestrian
5 Stars
Drunk Trampoline Beer Flip
Tags: alcohol, beer, drunk, face plant, flip, girl, trampoline, funny
5 Stars
Shuffling Face Plant
Tags: dancing, face plant, fail, girl, shuffling, funny
5 Stars
Gainer Flip Off Hill Face Plant
Tags: face plant, fail, flip, gainer, hill, painful, funny
5 Stars
Scooter Back Flip Face Plant - X FEST 2012
Tags: back flip, curtis vandries, face plant, fail, painful, ramp, scooter
5 Stars
Norwegian Army Water Face Plant
Tags: army, belly flop, dive, face plant, norwegian, painful, water, wtf, funny
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