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5 Stars
Basketball Buzzer Beater To The Face
Tags: accident, basketball, buzzer, embarrassing, face, owned, painful, sports, funny
5 Stars
Baby Gives The Stink Eye
Tags: baby, cute, face, kids, popeye, funny
5 Stars
Cleaning Stranger's Faces Prank - Jack Vale
Tags: awkward, candid camera, face, gross, jack vale, prank, public, strangers, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Volleyball Spike Owns Girl's Face Then Trips Guy Running On Sideline
Tags: face, girl, owned, painful, sports, volleyball, funny
5 Stars
Cat Wants To Face Cuddle
Tags: animals, cat, cuddle, cuddling, cute, face, pets
5 Stars
Mitt Romney With A Little FaceMitt Romney with a LittleFace
Tags: face, mitt romney, strange, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Split Face Cat
Tags: animals, cat, cute, face, pets, split
5 Stars
Dodgeball Machine Face Slam
Tags: ball, dodgeball, face, face slam, idiot, owned, painful, funny
5 Stars
Lightsaber Owns Kids Face During Bedroom Star Wars Battle
Tags: face, hit, lightsaber, owned, painful, star wars, funny
5 Stars
Rage Comics In Real Life 2
Tags: face, pistolshrimps, rage, rage comics, real life, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Ham On A Cat's Face
Tags: animals, cat, cute, face, ham, pets, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Woman Catches Wedding Bouquet... With Her Face
Tags: bouquet, face, fail, owned, toss, wedding, woman, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Lindsay Lohan Time Lapse
Tags: alcohol, celebrity, drugs, face, lindsay lohan, morph, time lapse
5 Stars
[NSFW?] Woman Knocks Out Man With Huge Stick
Tags: crazy, face, hit, kock out, owned, painful, stick, woman, wtf
5 Stars
Reporter Walks Face First Into Pole
Tags: blooper, embarrassing, face, kent molgat, news, painful, pole, reporter, funny
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