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5 Stars
CD Hits The Rev Limit
Tags: cd, cool, disc, explosion, rpm, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Over Aired Basketball Explosion
Tags: air, ball, basketball, cool, crazy, explosion
5 Stars
Paint Explosions In Slow Motin - The Slow Mo Guys
Tags: cool, explosion, fireworks, high speed camera, paint, the slow mo guys
5 Stars
Propane Truck Causes Massive Explosion
Tags: crazy, epic, explosion, fire, propane, russia, tver, wtf
5 Stars
Crazy Dragster Explosion - Todd Lesenko Funny Car
Tags: close call, cool, crash, crazy, drag racing, dragster, explosion, funny car, pomona, todd lesenko
5 Stars
Unclogging A Toilet With Fireworks
Tags: clogged, cool, explosion, fireworks, gross, stupid, toilet, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Classroom Science Experiment Explosion
Tags: classroom, cool, experiment, explosion, fire, school, science
5 Stars
Liquid Nitrogen And 1500 Ping Pong Balls Experiment
Tags: balls, cool, experiment, explosion, liquid nitrogen, roy lowry, science
5 Stars
Rubber Bands Vs Watermelon In Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Tags: cool, explosion, high speed camera, rubber band, slow motion, the slow mo guys, watermelon
5 Stars
Burning Car Explodes In Middle Of Street
Tags: burning, car, cool, crazy, explosion, fire, russia
5 Stars
500 Rubber Bands Cause Watermelon To Explode
Tags: cool, explosion, rubber band, watermelon, funny
5 Stars
Huge Explosion And Shock Wave
Tags: c4, cool, crazy, explosion, shock wave
5 Stars
Gas Tanker Explodes At Gas Station
Tags: accident, crazy, explosion, fire, gas, gas station, gasoline, tanker, wtf
5 Stars
Don't Have Your House Explode - DirecTV
Tags: cable, commercial, directv, explode, explosion, satellite, tv, funny
5 Stars
Propane Tank In Truck Bed Catches Fire And Explodes In McDonalds Drive-Thru
Tags: california, coachella, cool, crazy, drive-thru, epic, explosion, fire, mcdonalds, propane, propane tank
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