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5 Stars
What If You Cry In Space?
Tags: canadian space agency, chris hadfield, crying, gravity, interesting, space, tears
5 Stars
Murdered My Wisdom Teeth - Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftermath
Tags: anesthesia, crying, dentist, drugs, high, wisdom teeth, funny
5 Stars
Screaming Flower Girl
Tags: crying, fail, flower girl, kids, screaming, wedding, funny
5 Stars
Kid Gets Head Slammed By Car Hood In Scare Prank Gone Bad
Tags: car, crying, fail, head, head slam, hood, kid, painful, prank, scare, scared, funny
5 Stars
Mom Pranks Son About Accidentally Buying $50,000 Mustang On Ebay
Tags: crying, ebay, kids, mom, prank, son, funny
5 Stars
Santa's Lap or Flu Shot - Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tags: christmas, crying, flu shot, game, jimmy kimmel live, kids, santa, santa claus, funny
5 Stars
Manly Tears - Key & Peele
Tags: crying, gangsters, key & peele, man, manly, tears, funny
5 Stars
Star Wars Theme Calms Crying Baby
Tags: baby, crying, kids, music, star wars, theme
5 Stars
Reporter Scares Creepy Baby
Tags: baby, blooper, creepy, crying, news, reporter, scared, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Will Ferrell Is All Busted Up Over Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
Tags: conan o'brien, crying, kristen stewart, robert pattinson, spoof, will ferrell, funny
5 Stars
Baby Doesn't Like Temporary Tattoo
Tags: baby, crying, cute, kids, tattoo, temporary, funny
5 Stars
Abandoned Crying Baby Prank - Jack Vale
Tags: abandoned, baby, candid camera, crying, jack vale, prank, funny
5 Stars
Crying Toddler Girl Reacts To Camera
Tags: baby, camera, crying, cute, girl, kids, toddler, funny
5 Stars
Hungry Chickens Chase Terrified Little Boy
Tags: animals, boy, chasing, chickens, crying, hungry, kids, scared, terrified, funny
5 Stars
Bowl Is Too Heavy For Cranky 3 Year Old Girl
Tags: bowl, cranky, crying, cute, dramatic, heavy, kids, tantrum, funny
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