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5 Stars
Slow Driver In Fast Lane Brake Checks Cop At Night
Tags: brake check, cops, dash cam, driving, fail, idiot, police, funny
5 Stars
Cops Bust Murdered Husband April Fools Prank
Tags: april fools, cops, idiot, kingsport, police, prank, susan tammy hudson, tennessee, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Giving Cops A Little Buzz Prank - Roman Atwood
Tags: buzz, buzz lightyear, candid camera, cops, dennis roady, police, prank, roman atwood, funny
5 Stars
Sheriff Deputy Brake Checks Guy On The Highway - Charleston South Carolina
Tags: chad walton, charleston, close call, cops, craig culpepper, crazy, dangerous, driving, highway, north carolina, police, road rage, sheriff, south carolina, wtf
5 Stars
Cop Discovers Dead Deer In Trunk Isn't Dead
Tags: animals, cops, deer, kalamazoo, michigan, police, trunk, wtf, funny
5 Stars
A Little Pot Dealer Prank - Public Prank
Tags: candid camera, cops, drugs, police, pot, prank, public prank, funny
5 Stars
You Want Me To Call A Cop Dude? - Overboardhumor
Tags: awkward, candid camera, cops, overboardhumor, police, prank, public, strangers, weird, funny
5 Stars
Shake Weight Prank On Cops - Sketch Empire
Tags: cops, dennis roady, police, prank, public, roman atwood, shake weight, sketch empire, funny
5 Stars
Escaping Police Compilation
Tags: compilation, cops, escape, police, running
5 Stars
Shake Weight Prank Busted By Cops
Tags: busted, candid camera, cops, police, prank, public, shake weight, trolllikeitsmydayjob, funny
5 Stars
Bike Cop Face Plants Trying To Hop Curb
Tags: bike, cops, curb, embarrassing, face plant, fail, painful, police, funny
5 Stars
Police Chase Passes Guy's House While Watching It On TV
Tags: california, cool, cops, inglewood, police, police chase, funny
5 Stars
Drinking In Public Prank On Cops - Sketch Empire
Tags: alcohol, candid camera, cops, dennis roady, drinking, police, prank, public, roman atwood, sketch empire, funny
5 Stars
Guy Tries To Pull Over Cop For No Seat Belt
Tags: cops, detroit, idiot, michigan, police, seat belt, steven mcclain, weird, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Motorcycle Cop Crashes Hard On Speed Bump
Tags: accident, cops, crash, crazy, mexico, motorcycle, owned, painful, police, speed bump
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