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5 Stars
Space Straw - Vsauce
Tags: air, atmosphere, cool, interesting, science, space, vsauce
5 Stars
Creepy Petman Robot Wears Camo
Tags: boston dynamics, camo, cool, creepy, petman, robot, technology
5 Stars
Parallel Universes - Minute Physics
Tags: cool, interesting, life, minute physics, physics, science, universe, world
5 Stars
Skilled Dog Shows Off 20 Tricks
Tags: animals, cool, cute, dog, omar muller, pets, skills, tricks
5 Stars
50 Cal Shooting Cadbury Eggs And Peeps
Tags: .50 cal, cadbury, cool, easter, eggs, guns, peeps, ratedrr, shooting, slow motion
5 Stars
Big Octopus Escapes Boat Through Tiny Hole
Tags: animals, boat, cool, hole, nature, octopus, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Huge Great White Shark Circles Boat 2
Tags: animals, boat, cool, crazy, great white shark, nature, ocean, shark
5 Stars
White Orchid Mantis Catches Cricket Seconds Before It Catches Mantis
Tags: animals, cool, cricket, insects, mantis, nature, predator, prey, white orchid mantis
5 Stars
In Bed With A Tiger
Tags: animals, bed, cool, crazy, pets, sleeping, tiger, wtf
5 Stars
Wolves Erupt Into Howling At Wolf Sanctuary
Tags: animals, cool, cute, howl, howling, pack, wolf, wolf creek habitat, wolves
5 Stars
Weird Extra Tiles Trick
Tags: cool, tiles, trick, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Choreographed RC Air Plane Show Indoors
Tags: airplane, choreographed, cool, remote controlled, skills
5 Stars
Sneaky Karate Kick Knock Out
Tags: cool, fight, karate, kick, knock out, martial arts, owned, sneaky
5 Stars
Cobwebs - cyriak
Tags: cool, cyriak, spiders, web, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Guy Jumps Over Moving Lamborghini Murcielago
Tags: cool, jump, lamborghini, murciélago, skills, stunt
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