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5 Stars
Guy Freaks Out Over Huge Moth In The House
Tags: bug, cool, creepy, freak out, insect, moth, scared, weird, funny
5 Stars
Telling Girls A Bug Is Crawling On Them - Whatever
Tags: bug, candid camera, girls, prank, spider, women, funny
5 Stars
Spaghetti And Meat Bugs Prank On Girlfriend - Prank Vs Prank
Tags: bug, cricket, girl, girlfriend, meatballs, prank, prank vs prank, spaghetti
5 Stars
Drive-Thru Bug Prank - MagicofRahat
Tags: bug, candid camera, drive-thru, fast food, magicofrahat, scared, funny
5 Stars
Tennis Player Makes Ball Girl Remove Huge Bug From Court
Tags: australia, bug, cedrik-marcel stebe, cockroach, cricket, girl, sports, tennis, wtf, funny
5 Stars
The Bee Prank
Tags: bee, bug, candid camera, edbassmaster, prank, funny
5 Stars
Fly Uses Touchscreen Computer
Tags: bug, computer, fly, touchscreen
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