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5 Stars
Big Octopus Escapes Boat Through Tiny Hole
Tags: animals, boat, cool, hole, nature, octopus, weird, wtf
5 Stars
Huge Great White Shark Circles Boat 2
Tags: animals, boat, cool, crazy, great white shark, nature, ocean, shark
5 Stars
Boat Sprays Burning Boat With Wake To Put Out Fire
Tags: boat, cool, fire, lake lyndon, new zealand, spray, spraying, wake, water, waves, funny
5 Stars
Tags: boat, boat launch, cool, custom, rv, funny
5 Stars
Crashing Into A Boat On The Highway
Tags: accident, boat, crash, crazy, dash cam, highway
5 Stars
Huge Black Marlin Jumps And Lands On Fishing Boat
Tags: animals, australia, boat, cairns, crazy, fishing, marlin, ocean
5 Stars
Boat Crash Dubstep
Tags: accident, boat, crash, crazy, dubstep, musick, remix, skrillex, funny
5 Stars
Boat Passes Car On The Highway
Tags: accident, boat, crash, crazy, dash cam, highway, towing, trailer, wtf, funny
5 Stars
Iceberg Tsunami Almost Takes Out Boat
Tags: boat, close call, cool, crazy, glacier, greenland, iceberg, tsunami, wave
5 Stars
Project Sea Lion - Amphibious Car
Tags: amphibious vehicle, boat, car, cool
5 Stars
Excavator Rowing
Tags: boat, excavator, ho chi minh city, rowing, saigon river, vietnam, funny
5 Stars
Ocean Racers Slammed By Powerful Waves
Tags: boat, close call, cool, dangerous, ocean, sea, telefonica, volvo ocean race, waves, yacht
5 Stars
The Keel Walk - Alex Thomson
Tags: alex thomson, boat, crazy, keel, sailing, stunt, yacht
5 Stars
Gyroscopic Self Leveling Pool Table On Cruise Ship
Tags: billiards, boat, cool, cruise, cruise ship, gyroscopic, level, pool table, ship, waves
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