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Ariel Atom Exclusive by Inside Line

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Submitted By: The News Guy

Tags ariel, ariel atom, atom, car review, car test, cool, fast car,


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I want one of these

Andy 09-07-2008, 01:07 PM

Looks like fun

sidit 09-10-2008, 10:35 AM


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But you can wear the watch everyday. Can't drive this everyday.


i want both this and a campagna t-rex one day, just for a fun drive once and a while....... one day....

Benjamin Sun

You see the thing are they comparing the Atom to porsches and vipers and vettes...i mean there is a huge difference between them... the weight difference is crazy, along with other factors..just like they said AC, all the interior, safety kits...etc. see the real comparison would be to take a porsche's engine and put it on something this small and see what happens... everyone has to understand that i have no disrespect whatsoever towards the atom, in fact i think its really cool!


So DUMB how da hell you goin get 110 Octane(race fuel)?! I'd rather get the T-rex with the Areo body kit...and if possible switch the Kawasaki engine wit a Hyabusa engine!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Agorilla

K20...? Damn... It's actually fast to be a Honda...FWD cars should put shame on them...RWD better...


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