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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - Vsauce

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags bill nye, chicken, funny, history, joke, jokes, vsauce,


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why did the girl fall of the swing? Because she had no arms or legs. What did the girl with no arms or legs get for christmas? Cancer.

Hugh Wheaton

Why did the boy drop his ice cream? He was ran over by the car.

Chris Tan

The chicken crossed the road cuz its not illeagal

Neo Tropical

i have 1,894,947,649 seconds left to liv e :P


Or the anti-joke: There was once a moose. It strolled into a store and asked the cashier, "Where are the pota*?" The cashier replied, "In aisle 3." And when the moose got to aisle three, there were no pota*. 


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