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Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children - Bill Nye

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+633495 *"It's physically impossible to carry out a scientific experiment that shows macroevolution occurring in real time, on demand."* so sayeth too all the ephemeroptera who would deny that trees grow or that a caterpillar can change into a butterfly. Does it mean that just because feasible observational timescales are incommensurate that the observed phenomenon does not happen?What a good job DNA, ERVs, ERV-Ls and genome comparisons etc provide such an observable footprint that screams common ancestry. How is your slam-dunk rebuttal regarding homochirality looking, following your number 2 assertion the other day, Numbernuts? Writer's block can be such a biatch, can't it !

Chocolate Covered Reason

Intelligent Design is "God Dunnit" for Canadians and other assorted a-holes and retards.


They know....why else go BACK to the caves? 

Scientific Lee

SpaSpecialists is of course GSFY, GruverGuitars, Revurg, JamesArjuna etc etc. This conman of many names will do whatever it takes to attract victims to his crooked, ailing business. After being successfully sued by his brother for fraud, he needs the money. Don't give it to him.


Hope the science literates are going to tune in to the last episode of Neil Shubin's "Your Inner Fish" tonight at 10pm on PBS. This episode is titled, "Your Inner Monkey." If you miss it, you can watch it later online at PBS for free. However, Neil will be tweeting live at #innerfishpbs during the show tonight.

Fallible Fiend

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