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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children - Bill Nye

Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children - Bill Nye

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A theist can hold for an evolutionary process guided by divinity. It is a middle ground that accepts the scientific evidence on the one hand while still acknowledging God as the answer to the biggest questions, the ones that science will never have the instruments to measure. Even if science one day determines why every other creature evolved, it won't know "Why man?" And why do theists have a better chance of passing on their genetic material, as is demonstrated time and again in our own day. I love big Catholic families! Toodles!

Brian Dulli

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but why is it always a debate about choosing one or the other? I quite strongly believe that God created the earth through evolution. God is evolution, God is the universe. Science is the study of creation. They do not oppose one another.


Zaki spat: *""Evidence" is a SECONDARY thing to BELIEF/FAITH - serving, **where it exists**....."* ...and it's those last 3 words that get you every time, eh 'tiger'? !

Chocolate Covered Reason

Micah Schoepfer: “Bill Nye continues to insult Creationists like myself. If we could put our differences aside, we could focus on changing the world rather than forcing our own beliefs on each other.” Reality check. 1) Atheists don’t hold beliefs. That is rather the point of atheism. The only people forcing beliefs on anyone are those holding beliefs. 2) Bill Nye isn’t insulting creationists. Bill Nye is pointing out in rather measured language that what creationists believe is demonstrably not true. Not consistent with available evidence.

Nicholas Christie-Blick

Its a bit strange act all wild and crazy, but damn he was brilliant man


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