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Guns In Space - Vsauce

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags cool, gravity, gun, guns, space, vsauce,


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OK, so if there's just a little less gravitational force (due to gravity) on a free falling astronaut in a free falling orbiting spaceship than he experiences on earth, why is he always said to be "weightless"? He MUST have weight, since there is a net unbalanced gravitational force acting on him. But I've definitely heard NASA talking about the astronauts being "weightless". So is this all just another NASA hoax? Like the one about the moon landing? Is this all a liberal Democrat Obama lie? I gotta check out Rush Limbaugh and FOX News on this. 


Please no one destroy the sun, I beg you :).


or you could shoot an iron bullet at the sun. all stars create most of the elements in the universe, but as soon as the said star starts making iron it may as well have snapped a cyanide pill. The reason for this is because in a star the iron sucks away and absorbs all of the star's energy. causing it to burn out either explode or implode. so in other words star + iron bullet = Bye Bye star.


Whgn that dodgy music starts playing you know when hes gunna start throwing tonnes of knowledge in your face at high speed 

george fuller

Universe scale vs human scale is so mindblowing. In human scale the sun is indescribably massive, in universe scale the sun is not even a dot in a piece of paper the size of the planet. In human scale a hundred years is a long time, in universe scale a hundred years isn't even the length of the blink of a universe eye in eternity.


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