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The Scientific Power of Music - AsapSCIENCE

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags asapscience, brain, dopamine, humans, music, science,


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#Music #Science 


why do we like music? What is the purpose? We don't really NEED music even though we like it.


Erm, this isn't a question for ASAPScience, but I have a crush at my school, and I want to introduce her to my favorite band, Pierce the Veil, but she's always been a happy and lively person, and PTV has mostly been a loud and suicidal band. I don't want to scare her to *, or have her think that I'm a creep for listening to that kind of thing, but I want to, erm, spread the vibe? I guess? (Sorry about those last sentences guys)

Luigi Mario

How harmony, melody, and rhythm trigger the same reward systems that drive our desires for food and *.

Mike Lazarus

Please make a video about Fangirls. I really want to know something about their feelings or loyalty to their idols. ^__^

ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

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