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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Idiot Cop Puts Foot In Front Of Tire Of Idiot Ferrari Driver Fleeing Parking Ticket

Idiot Cop Puts Foot In Front Of Tire Of Idiot Ferrari Driver Fleeing Parking Ticket

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags cops, ferrari, foot, idiot, idiots, new york, nyc, parking, police, ticket, wtf,


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Wow. I can't believe this video is already past 20 million views... Truly awesome to see that people are still watching it! 


0:13 cop moves in front of car setting up the guy for an * charge

Admiral Nimitz

-.- Stop hating the cop. He was trying to do his job and the guy obviously was yelling at the op and guess what? The cop would be allowed to give him a ticket for parking wrong and basically harassing an officer. So it was the driver who was stupid not the cop.


who the hell would drive that kind of car in nyc its bumper to bumper driving as u can see in the vid. driving any thing other then a taxi or bumper car is stupid.


Honest question, are the police also the parking enforcement in NYC or was this a rare instance where it was a cop and not "meter maid"?

Kyle Young

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