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Motorcycle Rally Racer Crashes Into Deer

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I was lucky after hitting a Kangaroo, thumped it with the front wheel and it brushed my leg. I didn't come off, but it shook me up. I like how this guy just gets back on and starts riding like it happens all the time


Yes because cutting the corner totally caused the accident.... Even if this was the open road (read the description) its in rural WV, cutting corners is the daily norm even for cars. 


About section clearly says: NOTE: This is closed course racing (road is closed to the public) so both sides of the road are fair game. I don't condone crossing the yellows or speeding when on open roads. First comment I see: hmm....I'm wondering if he is thinking now......maybe I shouldn't have cut that corner, good thing that was a deer and not a car. *facepalm*

Imperial Maniac

Ran over an armadillo at night. Didn't dump the bike but man did it rattle the bones.

Butch Ford

Cut the corner a little, why don't you?! He's lucky it wasn't a car.

Dean Newton

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