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we are plugged in. anyone that isn't is labelled an outcast.

Dennis Dmenis

*Do You **Really Know** What Your Kid Is Doing Online?* *Very powerful video about the effect on us of our online lives.* The question of how involved we are online and how we keep it balanced with the importance of maintaining relationships in our real life goes for all of us. However, it is an *especially important question that we need to ask as parents and know the to answer about our kids. **Could this be your kid and you don't know it?* #parenting #parents #parenthood 

Guy Stuff Counseling

What a statement this #video makes about society! "Plugged In." <-An Understatement?! #Entert ainment via +YouTube 

Debra Ulrich

#internet #goolge+ #online 

Kat Marino

very sad but true!!! Online Now

Stefan Bertram

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