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The Olympic Banana

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags 2012, banana, guildford, london, olympics, silly, torch, wtf, funny,


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Meanwhile at Media Molecule....


One of the developers of LittleBigPlanet decided to have a little fun with the olympic torch route. The crowd went bananas, clearly seeing the appeal of his antics. No one yet has tried to ape his feat.

Victor Parkinson

+Phil T. Bananez 

Heather McAninch

From Media Molecule devs in Guildford "A little event happened just outside the Media Molecule office last Friday - you may have already seen it on twitter or facebook - but it’s been giving us so many giggles we had to blog it for your enjoyment. Because, there’s a video. Incase you missed it, at about 6 o’clock last Friday, the streets outside our office in Guildford started filling up with crowds of people, as excitement grew for the arrival of the Olympic Torch. A few of us gathered around the windows because we had a prime view over the route, directly on the road below. At some point, Omar made his exit from the building, and just moments before the actual Olympic torch was due to come down the road with the procession to ignite the crowds - He burst from the crowd to run down the road holding his the “Olympic Banana”. We were all in hysterics, so for your viewing pleasure, here’s our excitedly shrieky video evidence plus some photos. As Jim put it, he’s the “bearer of the true Olympic spirit”." Sony are apparently seeing it at 5:20ish tomorrow round Oxford Circus... 

Catherine Goode


pribadi prananta

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