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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 - Hopsin


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Submitted By: NBO

Tags hip hop, hopsin, music, music video, rap,


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Omg soo deep and so true man this really made me think. But I have officially found my new favorite rapper

Ethan Davis

No hate but I got to speak my mind. I do think that Hopsin is a good rapper but he's not the best (in my opinion). Just because you just listened to this one video, you start speaking about how he is the best due to the "truth" in this video. Yes, his lyrics are deep, but that's his style. I like rap songs with good flow, word play, metaphors,similes. And punchlines if it involves "beef". Not saying that he doesn't have that but he's just not my cup of tea (well not anymore). I've found another rapper that I really like and enjoy so I've been "sleeping" on Hopsin. Also can all the people saying he is the only that doesn't rap about money, drugs, *, and alcohol just SHUT UP! You clearly don't know anything about rap as It's your fault that you don't look elsewhere for other decent rappers instead of just listening to the mainstream rappers who always get their songs replayed over and over on the radio. Stop getting controlled by the media and do you own research if you don't want to listen to those trash songs played on the radio.


*, I remember when it was impressive having this have 5 million views.


everything is so TRUE do you know how hard it is to explain to a wayne or tyga fan how wack those "rapper" wannabees are? its *ing imposible


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