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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Great White Shark Inspects Divers

Great White Shark Inspects Divers

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I can't even imagine the adrenaline 


*Hey Mr. or Mrs. Shark!* How U doin' ? Shark #Photo* 2 young surfers - D UDE!!! Here's one hangin' between +2 divers and their boat ... #crikey !

The Huffington Post

the sooner these are exterminated the better

Jonny Blaze

"The mazing footage" Wooooow...


I had a close call with a small Great White snorkeling in quite shallow water today, I had no weapons so I just had to race onto the nearest bit of limestone reef I could find and race back to shore. I just saw it's humungous crescent shaped tail and body circling me and that was enough to make me lose control of all my bodily functions LOL. 


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