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Woman Driver Has No Idea How To Drive

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags dash cam, fail, idiot, woman, woman driver, wtf, funny,


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just an average russian driver

bob dangerous

I think what nobody in here seems to be aware of is; when it comes to drivers in Russia, there are pedestrians that are out to commit insurance scams. This is done by (intentionally) throwing themselves into, or in front of, any moving vehicle so they can collect insurance money. However, you'll notice most vehicles in Russia, are equipped with dash cameras to document this act so it can be reported. So you see, it really has nothing to do with the drivers. 


Hey, she just wanted to do some off-roading. Great choice in music, by the way.

Ryan Dowd

Rule #1 of driving NEVER LET A WOMAN DRIVE

Explicit Cris

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