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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Guy Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter

Guy Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter

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Orvillecopter shall be weaponized! 

Charles Moise

I know it's wrong, but I laughed in spite of myself :o Introducing "The Orvillecopter", creation of Dutch artist Bart Jansen. When his cat Orville was struck and*by a car, Mr Jansen hit upon this novel way of memorializing the feline *ity. He had Orville stuffed and mounted and converted into an R/C helicopter.

Heather Rue

When Bart Jansen's cat died, he decided to turn its body into a remote controlled helicopter. Yeah, seriously. 

Douglas Lee

This is so wrong on so many levels but at the same time Super Cat made me laugh.

Justin Siefert

i hope this starts a new craze

richard lang

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