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Crazy Dolphin Stampede - Dana Wharf

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Delphini Californienses

Nemo Oudeis

*2,000 Dolphins Come Together for a “Splash Mob” (Video)* Awesome and unbelievable ! What do you get when thousands of dolphins come together and swim en masse? You have a pretty awesome “splash mob.” That’s just what happened recently in this find from io9, where an estimated 2,000 dolphins stampeded in front of the Dana Pride — a whale watching boat based out of Dana Point, in southern California. http://dsc.di 0-dolphins-come-together- ml Dana Point Dolphin Stampede Dana Wharf

Tom Lee

A huge dolphin pod ‘stampede’ was captured on camera on Thursday as amazed onlookers in a passing boat caught a glimpse of the phenomenon. The mega-pod of dolphins is thought to number close to 2,000, far greater than the average pod of around 12 dolphins.


unbelievable dolphin stampede captured by whale watchers

Steve Grove

*Estampida de 2.000 delfines en mar abierto* Visto en *Fogonazos* http://www.f pida-de-2000-delfines-en- mar.html

Gonzalo Durango

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