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DJ Dog Scratchin Vinyl

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Comments posted by YouTube members provided for entertainment and reference. Never Bored Online has no control over these comments.

OMG LOL!! That is absolutely hilarious, dogs are AWESOME. (and funny xD)

Viktoria Kovacs

Clearly fake. Chimpanzees are smarter than dogs and not even they have that good of a memory or intelligence. 

Jason Barr

Love the beat for some reason.


Hate to be that guy: This is faked by somebody moving the turntable off-screen with a finger. See hoe the bottom portion of the turntable isn't in the video frame? There was a reason the whole turntable that the dog has its paw wasn't fully shown. Simply put: No, your dog *can't* do this for real if you've asked yourself that question.


haha has to be fake still awesome!


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