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Natural Swimming Pools

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Here is an idea for preppers to make a swimming pool that can also be used to stock fish for food and act as a back up water source in a pinch. Natural Pools - Natural Pool selfbuild If edible water plants are used it will be even more beneficial. just wak out your back door and go for a swim or go fishing. look for natural swimming pond pictures online for even more beautiful examples some even with waterfalls and other features. I saw one example where it butted righ up to a back porch for easy access fishing and swimming.


Soo if u could just get this built +Scio Wo before our next visit!! Sounds simple enough!! 

Tab Nascent

This is so unbelievably awesome. Unfortunately, here in the US you would probably spend years and thousands of dollars just on permits, inspections, regulations, guidelines, more permits, etc to make something like this.

Michael McCarthy

I am going to build one of these when I move on my property


This is brilliant!

Shawn Machado

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