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Plastic Bag Freaks Out Curious Cat

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags animals, bag, cat, curious, freak out, pets, plastic bag, scared, funny,


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My cat did the same thing this week, I got home early from work sick. My cat was playing with a plastic bag which he does a lot, so I went upstairs to rest. Less than ten minutes later he came bolting up the stairs with a plastic bag handle around his neck and wrapped around his back paws. Luckily he stopped when I called him, but he looked like Superman, it was so cute.

Sara Nightfire

My cat did this once! HAHA!


Why cats shouldn't be curious about plastic bags [VIDEO] #funny #cute #cat #video

Prairie Animal Health Centre

Cat freaks out over plastic bag.

matthew liotta

Happy #caturday !!!! 

Jennifer Cacek

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