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Camera View From RC Helicopter Rotor

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags camera, cool, helicopter, radio controlled, weird, wtf,


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The sine wave is due to the changing angle of the blades as they swing 360 degrees around the mast. In forward flight, as the blade is on the side of the helicopter where it is moving forward, it is pitched up to create upward lift and flight and as it passes the nose and starts moving toward the tail, the pitch of the blade is decreased. The blade angles to the air continuously change through each revolution based on the input from the flight controls attached to the "swashplate" (the ring that has the pitch links attached to it. To see something REALLY wild, look at video from full size helicopters where the blades actually flap. You may never want to fly in a helicopter after that ;) 67N Utility Helicopter (Huey) Repair crew chief 1984-2000

Peter Trast

First film of time travel?

Joe Wisniewski

trippy *

Jack Tran

rotor panorama

joey t

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