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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Man Records Bear Stalking Him In The Forrest

Man Records Bear Stalking Him In The Forrest

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags animals, bear, forrest, nature, scared,


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If you go into bear country unarmed, you deserve this, There is a similar parallel to this story, and it is the 2nd Amendment, if you allow your government to force you to give up your gun rights, you are just like this hiker, out in the political woods, and totally at the mercy of a tyrant government- DON'T FORGET THIS LESSON

sun Tao

@SRStrollisSRS Dwight would get his*kicked


did he live or die? just wondering...


@ImrIyawesome Can't tell if troll or just very stupid...

Sunny Rustles

@LynxEng There is no "rifle looking appearance" you nutbag. It's his hand with a camera in it. There QUITE CLEARLY is NO evidence of a rifle.

Badger BadgerBadger

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