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Nuclear Boy

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If nuclear boy poops again could be 100 times worse than Chernobyl and the complete evacuation of japan and the northern Hemisphere. 

Strontium Milks

Nice propaganda piece.. not a lot of truth though, sad to say. 

AGreen Road Project



Thought this is a great way to explain this to kids what happened to the power plant in Japan. Funny yet informative. Also, so many people panic about the terrible disaster and how its going to destroy everything. DO NOT WORRY, dispite some comments, this is way less bad than chernobyl. It COULD have been worse if it weren't for the nuclear chemists working WELL OVER THEIR DAILY RADIOACTIVE DOSE saving the rest of Japan and the pacific ocean. Those men are heroes. Also the radioactive material is basically only in 2 forms. An Isotope of Iodine which has a half-life of 8 days, meaning that in like 2 months is practically *. And Cesium isotope which is only affecting dry land within 30km of the area and NOT POLLUTING THE OCEAN. Dumping waste water is bad for the enviroment, but its not radioactive sludge as most people would think as the iodine dies out and cesium is useless in water and only harms the shores it lands upon. Yes bad, but still not a panic * like when the quake happened. So their drinking water was fine too haha i love the scare it caused. BTW my credentials is a uni student taking biochemistry and we do some nuclear effects on animals as a study.


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