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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Deer escapes lion at the zoo

Deer escapes lion at the zoo

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags animals, deer, lion, nature, zoo,


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I believe that Lion actually wants to play instead. She could have bitten the deer instantly, but in the video, she just catches the little deer.

Dio Ivanov

I was just thinking, they should release deer into lion cages more often, and so a live audience can see a lion hunt and*its pray...much more interesting than just seeing an uninterested lazy lion lying on the ground.


First of all im Canadian, and second of all North America consists of Canada, USA, and Mexico. South America contains Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc. America is just a lighten term. Funny how you think Americans are stupid, i thought for sure u were one. and those 79 thousand people are wrong. they are misunderstood pre-teens and teens that feel the need for membership. I happen to be stu* social psychology this term.


haha... no as a matter of fact I know many other words, insults too however being that women and children probably read these comments I will not elaborate on them, but pretty much all of them refer to you though, so there, let your imagination fly. And the beauty of youtube comments is that even though there are word limits, there aren't comment limits so I can write as much as I *ing want. BTW, did you read all the comments here? many don't refer to the video, good luck telling them!


Nature weeds out the weak, this deer signed its * warrant entering an en closer that happened to have lions in it. Lucky for it, they were young, and if you know anything from watching a couple of lion specials on national geographic they are not the ones that do the hunting. The females and occasionally pop do. Young lions initial instincts are to catch, maybe play with it but they lack experience on what to do afterwards..If they were a year older, this vid would be 20 seconds shorter..


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