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Never Bored Online | Videos | Viral Video Archive | Shelby GT500 runs 7.94 @173mph

Shelby GT500 runs 7.94 @173mph

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Submitted By: NBO

Tags 1/4 mile, fast car, ford, gt500, mustang, shelby,


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I actually met the owner of this Piece at his Home.Beautiful craftsmanship,Big Horsepower,Street Driven and 7 seconds.@FordGarbage,Get a *in Clue *.


@lilaznmage15 not its not "basicly the same" you * tard, the biggest fault is the live rear axel and they gave the suppersnake independent suspension, lots of carbon fiber components, better brakes, new driveline, new diffrential, adjustable dapners, aluminium wheels,the bigger suppercharger and whatever else i cant name of the top of my head. its much faster but would the ZR1 beat it, yes unfortuantely but, i think the suppersnake looks better,but the numbers dont lie. ZR1 smacks it on paper


@skeligandrew i'm sure the high price of petrol has something to do with that :D

Justin Wagner

@lolizmakeme*z The Enterprise, now what do you drive that's warp speed... >:P


Sweeeeeeeeeet. If I had lots of money to waste id buy a veyron,or if I were an idiot id buy a civic and talk trash about the cars built by my own country. Amazing we should all spend more time watcing videos of cars we dont like . then talk *

byron chitwood

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